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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bellam Gavvalu

Ingredients :
All-Purpose flour /Maida -- 2 cups
Jaggery -- 3 cubes
Water -- 1/2 cup
Cardamom -- few nos
Oil-- to deep fry
Method :
1. Take the maida/all-purpose flour in a bowl..and mix water and make a dough like we do for chapathi and keep it aside for 15 min by covering with a lid.
2. On a ''gavva-maker'' or can use clean new hair-comb to prepare this
3. Make small equal parts of the dough and spread each on the gavva-maker with thumb and roll it as shown above in the pic.
4. Heat oil in a pan,deep fry the gavvalu till they turn brown and crispy
5. In a seperate pan, add 1/2 cup water , broken cardamom,3 cubes of jaggery and let it boil to get bellam pakam/jaggery-syrup
6. To know wether u got proper consistency of the jaggery-syrup, take normal water in a cup and pour a drop of the syrup in to it. If u find the syrup getting solidified then it means that ur syrup is ready for preperation
7. Once it is done..drop all the gavvalu into it and stir well and switch off the stove and leave it for 30 min to get into room -temp. Then can serve
Can be preserved for months.
Very tasty south-indian snack ..prepared for festivals..


  1. Thank u for recipe. App how much jaggery (cups)we need

  2. Bhargavi , grated jaggery around 2 cups